Binck Forward acquired by BinckBank

BinckBank acquires FinTech firm Pritle

With pleasure we share with you that the activities of Pritle are acquired by the strong Dutch BinckBank N.V. With the acquisition BinckBank responds to increasing customer demand with robo-advisory acquisition, accelerating execution of the growth strategy.

As part of BinckBank we continue to offer our online wealth management services with enthusiasm.

  • You can still log in and invest as you normally would through;
  • Your investment does not change;
  • Our investment policy will be maintained;
  • You continue to enjoy the services at the same low cost;
  • Your money remains retrievable daily and safely secured in funds through depository Foundation Pritle approved by De Nederlandsche Bank and the Autoriteit Financiële Markten.

The entire Pritle team continues to be at your service with enthusiasm from BinckBank.

Do you have any questions? Below we possibly have already answered some. For other questions or extra information Pritle Customer Service is available on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:30 via chat, phone and email.

We look forward to continue our services to you from BinckBank.


Q: Is it still possible for me as a customer to retrieve the account money at any time?

A: Yes, your money is accessible 24/7. Please take into account a maximum of 10 working days before the money is transferred into your bank account. This is caused by the time it takes to liquidate the assets and to transfer the money.

Q: Will Binck Forward’s online wealth management change? If yes, what will change?

A: No, the service remains the same.

Q: Will Binck Forward still offer the same services?

A. The proven asset management service as well as Binck Forward’s web environment is maintained as it was introduced by Binck Forward. The Brand name and corporate identity of Binck will be applied to the Binck Forward technology.

Q: What are Binck Forward’s customer service possibilities to ask questions about the acquisition?

A: Binck Forward’s Customer Service team can be contacted on Monday/ Friday from 09:00 to 17:30 on telephone number 020-2170979, and chat. The Binck Forward Customer Service team is also able to help the customer by viewing the customer’s profile on the website via special technology to simplify the customer service.

Q: What happens to the investments?

A: The investment of Binck Forward Clients will continued to be administered in Stichting Binck Forward. With the acquisition Stichting Binck Forward is in service of BinckBank. The client portfolios will not be adjusted as a result of the transition from Binck Forward to BinckBank.

Q: Can I close the account as a result of the acquisition?

Q: Yes, the client can close the account at any time, free of charge, this will remain the same after the transition to BinckBank.

Q: Will there be a combined login for Binck Forward and BinckBank?

A: Binck Forward clients will for now still be serviced on the Binck Forward website. This year Binck Forward will be integrated into the BinckBank website, where the client can with the use of one website, manage his investments at BinckBank. Clients will be informed in a timely manner.

Q: What will change for me as a client when it comes to the service?

A: Apart for a name change, the service will be unchanged. The clients can continue to rely on the service they are accustomed to at Binck Forward. Binck Forward clients can even this year start with BinckBank services as Execution Only and Binck Saving.

Q: Will the transition to BinckBank results in higher service costs of Binck Forward?

A: The costs of the service will remain the same. Binck Forward charges 0.5% per year including VAT on the total invested amount. Over the amount exceeding € 250,000 Binck Forward charges no fees. In July 2016 Binck Forward concluded to be the lowest cost wealth manager of the Netherlands (Consumentenbond Geldgids).

Q: What does this acquisition mean for BinckBank and Binck Forward?

A: This joined source of power between BinckBank and Binck Forward enables us to accelerate further expansion of accessible online wealth management across Europe. Binck Forward offers this unique scalable state of the art technology in combination with an enthousiastic start-up culture. This, combined with BinckBank’s strong customer base leads to a powerful wealth management service. The acquisition of Binck Forward by BinckBank directly leads towards the realization of BinckBanks European strategic growth objectives in relation to investment services.